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We provide consulting, project management and hands-on support in Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Marketing and Sales. For over 20 years, we help our customers grow their business by building awareness, sharing expertise, and stimulating and nurturing interest.

We work on 'glocal' assignments for international and local brands. Some have been with us from day one. On our customer list you will find companies of all sizes in automotive, education, engineering, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, human resources, ICT, industrial manufacturing, insurance, pharma, professional services, retail and travel.

Here's a little about what we do and what we would love to do for you too. Fix yourself a nice warm cup of coffee or tea, have a look at our most recent work and, when you're done, get in touch and put us on assignment too.

We look forward to helping you grow your business.

What's happening?

Learning Indicator

What did you learn in 2015? Every year, we help Wolters Kluwer to outline professional learning in Belgium. Can’t wait to see the 2015 results? Take a look.

Blue moodboard

Let’s play a game. It’s blue and lies on the table of your favorite restaurant. No idea? With this moodboard, we promoted the new Tork colors for table decoration.

Toreon at Brucon security conference

Engaging IT to find new colleagues at a security conference? We helped Toreon do that. After our workshop, they won the Brucon battle in their war for talent.

Food waste in the food industry

By 2025, there should be 30% less food waste. Easier said than done. Our research for Tork‘s trend study on food waste revealed better hygiene to be key.

New CEO Sogeti BeLux

Eric de Saqui de Sannes is the new CEO of Sogeti BeLux. The news spread like wildfire in the media. Coincidence? Don’t think so.

Content Marketing Event

Good content is the best way to attract clients. Together with storyteller Guido Everaert we’re figuring out how to make your content appealing. Join us on 3/12!


Strategy Strategy

Everybody has an opinion on communication. Few grasp its full potential and understand the value it adds. We can help you set the right strategic priorities and make sure your vision and ambitions are cristal clear. We help you manage expectations and set accountability for all involved. Because communication may very well be everybody’s business, in the end it is still your responsibility.

Project management Project management

How do you communicate with impact? By doing what matters most. We help you align the company’s business strategy with your communication approach. We provide reach and make sure the focus is on efficient and effective communication. This way we strengthen your company’s positioning, in terms of both brand awareness and brand image. Recognition and reputation.

Production Production

Sometimes a good story is all it takes to win people for your cause. And most companies aren’t exactly short on stories. But getting them told, that’s the hard part. We can help you craft compelling and relevant stories incorporating your vision, opinion, research, expertise and realisations. Using a contemporary communication mix we make sure to get them out. Think PR, social media and content marketing. Together, we bring your company and reputation to life.

Training Training

Looking to put social media to work or use content marketing to create informed buyers? Have a media interview or speaking opportunity coming up shortly? Clueless on how to draft a communication plan anno today, a strong elevator pitch or your employee value proposition? Interested in measuring the return on communication? We happily share our expertise. Join in on an open training, book us for a lunch session, brainstorm or workshop, or get in touch to set up a curriculum tailored to your organisation.


Stories based on actual events. Not for the fainthearted.

Hipsters. Who are those people? And who cares anyway?

Hipsters. Who are those people? And who cares anyway?

Posted by on Mar 26, 2015

Many marketing conferences seem to be a meeting place for self-proclaimed gurus who predict in forced one-liners what drives the hipsters of our society. They tell us, free, gratis and for nothing, how to transform our business if we want to avoid going bankrupt in next to no time. In addition, they are not inhibited by a shortage of opinions or scientific evidence.

What are you waiting for (to communicate)?

What are you waiting for (to communicate)?

Posted by on Mar 19, 2015

There are more stories in your company than you think. There are still companies which only communicate when they launch a new product, appoint a CxO or take part in an event. But you don’t have to wait to raise the profile of your company or brand. Just generate your own momentum.

How do you measure the success of content marketing?

How do you measure the success of content marketing?

Posted by on Mar 17, 2015

Content marketing is increasingly being put forward as the new best way to get your message across. At the same time, many companies and organisations still wonder about what impact that content marketing actually has.

Customer feedback

Kris Poté, VP Marketing & Communication

“For over 10 years, Outsource works for Capgemini as a strategic communications agency and media buyer. We are pleased about the partnership thanks to their dependable services, rapid response times, openness to dialogue and their ability to perform in a multinational environment.”

- Kris Poté, VP Marketing & Communication
Ria Lagerweij, Head of Corporate Communications Benelux

“We have had a partnership with Outsource for many, many years. For Oracle, PR is an important part of communication. Maintaining good relations with the media and influencers, is crucial to our success. It’s good to have an agency that shares that vision and approach. Outsource is an important part of the Oracle Benelux PR-organisation.”

- Ria Lagerweij, Head of Corporate Communications Benelux
Laurent Schots, Corp. Online Media and PR Global Communications

UCB has a partnership with Outsource for the last few years. They understand our domain, are very proactive in their approach and they are flexible when necessary. I like to think of them as a real partner and the perfect add-on for our own communications team. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for an efficient and reliable agency.”

- Laurent Schots, Corp. Online Media and PR Global Communications