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Let’s socialize!
Bosch rijhulp website ENG

Young drivers often take risks while driving, driver assistance systems can prevent this. We organized an afternoon workshop for Bosch, and built this beautiful website.

Content marketing for Unique

Do you remember your search for your first real job? We remember ours… We set up Start to Work, a content marketing project, helping young potentials to easily find their way to Unique.

Interview: Valérie Sasset in HUG*Magazine

A strong woman deserves a strong interview, don’t you agree? HUG*Magazine interviewed Valérie Sasset (BCD Travel) about her life as a woman at the top.

Outsource Communications: Content Marketing ebook

Want to know more about content marketing and how to use it for your organisation? Click, download and read our e-book!

Bosch Workshop

Meet the Bosch handymen. They were a big hit at the workshop we came up with for Bosch Power Tools at the Libelle Winterfair.

Learning Indicator

What did you learn in 2015? Every year, we help Wolters Kluwer to outline professional learning in Belgium. Can’t wait to see the 2015 results? Take a look.

Blue moodboard

Let’s play a game. It’s blue and lies on the table of your favorite restaurant. No idea? With this moodboard, we promoted the new Tork colors for table decoration.

Toreon at Brucon security conference

Engaging IT to find new colleagues at a security conference? We helped Toreon do that. After our workshop, they won the Brucon battle in their war for talent.

Food waste in the food industry

By 2025, there should be 30% less food waste. Easier said than done. Our research for Tork‘s trend study on food waste revealed better hygiene to be key.

New CEO Sogeti BeLux

Eric de Saqui de Sannes is the new CEO of Sogeti BeLux. The news spread like wildfire in the media. Coincidence? Don’t think so.

Content Marketing Event

Good content is the best way to attract clients. Together with storyteller Guido Everaert we’re figuring out how to make your content appealing. Join us on 3/12!

Selligent longread

Ever fancied creating a longread? We did it for Selligent. Have a look at The Finance Insider, and learn something about the latest trends for financial marketing.

Transparency in fees

Transparency in fees, it’s a tough topic in the travel industry. High time to address the issue, Heinz Jennewein from BCD thought. And we were glad to help!

Trophée du Bien-être au travail

Wellbeing gets noticed. Literally. BCD Travel France won the Trophée du Bien-être au travail for their efforts on employee wellbeing. 

Cigars and gin for Cubacigar

Cigars and rum? Been there, done that. For Cubacigar, we tried pairing those exquisite Havanas with a more fashionable drink: gin. Perfect match!

PR campaign and launch event black beer bottle Ouwe Hut

Beer in a black bottle? Really? Meet Ouwe Hut, the first Dutch beer you can now enjoy in the world’s most stylish bottle. An innovation from O-I, naturally.

CardioService Lyceum Hasselt

Hasselt is a safer place. The scholars of the primary school Lyceum know how to save lives since CardioService taught them how to use an AED.

UCB epilepsy hackathon

Digital disruption isn’t just a slogan. UCB brought digital innovators together in Brussels and Atlanta for a very first hackathon to rethink epilepsy care. 

TGW Group – new customer

How do you welcome a new customer for the PR department? That’s easy. Get them exposure right away. Welcome on board, Hans and TGW Group.

Lissabon 2015

There’s a lot more to Lisbon than pasteis de bacalhau. Join us end of June for an inspirational tour along the city’s most creative and entrepreneurial hotspots.

Now hiring!

Like what you see? Convinced you can even do better? Join us! We’re hiring. Read the full job description on Linkedin and talk to Gert if you’re interested.

Oracle – big data copy

To boldly go where no one has gone before: we went shopping with an Oracle IT expert (and country manager) for an opinion piece on big data.

Wolters Kluwer Belgium PR Tax research

Just before the new tax return version was announced, Wolters Kluwer scored with research on the impact of the 6th state reform in Belgium.

O-I celebrating 250 years Leerdam

For generations, the Ruggenbergs have been working at O-I. A family history commemorating 250 years of glass manufacturing in the city of Leerdam (NL).

Bosch Technoteens

Catch them young. Technoteens promotes tech savviness with teenagers. Glad we could help Agoria and Bosch keeping this wild bunch of 6 graders in line.

BCD Travel marathons

Are you running the World Marathon Majors? BCD Travel is. And we are helping them get all geared up in terms of media exposure.

Johnson Controls customer and learning centre

It’s chilly in the state of Denmark. Must be Johnson Controls‘ brand new learning centre on refrigeration near Aarhus. We caught it on tape.

Departure Roch Doliveux UCB

How often can a CEO speak his unvarnished opinion? Just before leaving UCB, Roch Doliveux took the opportunity in an interview with L’Echo.

Capgemini on mobility

“In the future, we will have no more offices.” Capgemini is setting the scene when it comes to new ways of working. Kris Poté explains their vision in Trends.

Kluwer Learning Magazine

The Learning Indicator, an annual survey by Wolters Kluwer on learning and training in Belgium, now has its very own online magazine: Learning Magazine.

Cyber Security Coalition

Who’s afraid of the Internet? Not us, thanks to Cert.be and a dozen industry partners. We have the Cyber Security Coalition. Big news, we made sure of that.

Puratos sourdough library

Give us this day our daily sourdough bread. We’re helping Puratos put the world’s first sourdough library in Sankt-Vith, Belgium on the map.

Brainstorm Content Marketing Plantyn

At Plantyn, they needed a little help to get their content marketing going.  So we set up a workshop with complementary brainstorm to kickstart the project.