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the case for reputation management

Did you know that 60 percent of people’s willingness to buy, recommend, work for or invest in a company is driven by its reputation? It is a fact: companies with a strong reputation outperform their industry peers and the market. It is not only about what you sell. It is also about who you are.

In this information-driven society, people can easily take informed decisions. Before buying a product, signing up for a service or joining a company they turn to trusted sources for advice: the media and their peers or network, professional and private alike. To accelerate business, companies need to inspire positive conversations. Show leadership. Deliver on your promises and build trust.

The real challenge in business today is to establish and maintain a favourable reputation. Those who succeed will find people more willingly to buy and endorse their products or services, financial analysts to recommend their stock, the media to report on their success stories and their employees to deliver on their strategy. Those organisations and companies will also prove to be more resilient in times of crises. The emotional connection with their customers, partners and employees will provide them the benefit of the doubt to some extent.

However, a strong reputation is not build overnight. It is a long term commitment. And most companies can use a little help to stay on track.

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Cue in Outsource Communications. We help our customers build, strengthen and protect their reputation through integrated communication. From strategy to rollout, we provide expert advice and hands-on support in corporate communications and PR, marketing and sales. We help you provide proof of your company’s ability to deliver on its promises. We build trust.

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