‘New management for Outsource Communications’, ‘Outsource redesigns its management structure’, … I was asked to craft the communication about our internal changes into a press release. “You know the drill,” said one colleague, “it’s what we do for our clients all the time”. After a period spent staring at a blank sheet of paper, I was able to inform him with absolute certainty that writing a formal press release about the fact that you have taken over the company’s management yourself, is a thousand times harder than any conceivable kind of communication for any conceivable client. So I’m going to do what I like doing best and write a blog post, straight from the heart.


The facts

Let’s start with a summary of the facts: after eight years at Outsource, for three of which I have been a partner, I am taking over the operational management of the company. Leen, Baptiste and Gert are helping me to achieve our common goal: to show Belgian companies that good communication can make all the difference, whether at a human or commercial level. Our focus is on companies that communicate from a professional angle. That often means B2B and sometimes B2C, because the boundary between the two has shifted significantly from where it once was. And how do we go about it? By helping them to determine what they need (PR? Strong content? A better conversion rate? Robust stakeholder communication? A mixture of everything?) in order to move their business forward or to keep it one step ahead. We are already doing all of this right now for companies like BCD Travel, Bosch, Dimension Data, HP Enterprise, Johnson Controls, UCB, Van In, Wolters Kluwer, Xperthis and others, as well as for home-grown entrepreneurs such as Inge Geerdens at CVWarehouse and Stijn Degrieck at Codit.


The emotions

Next, here is an emotional overview: I have big shoes to step into. The man who once used his powers of persuasion to convince me to come on board – admittedly in a rather pessimistic mood about our sector – is the one who is now handing over the reins to me. And to be absolutely clear: Gert will continue to be one of the driving forces of our management team, but from now on he will take on a new role with a focus on strategic thinking. At his side, Leen will be responsible for HR, with Baptiste in charge of Business Development. We will continue to personally manage all of our clients together.


The plans

And finally, here is a sketch of our plans. We have a whole lot of them. This year marks our 25th anniversary, so it is a fitting time to reflect on who we are and where we want to go in the next 25 years. We’re looking at new ways of collaborating with clients, colleagues and partners and – mind the buzzword – ways of co-creating to work on an offering that is even more concrete. And we’re expanding our team and our collaborations with both new and existing clients at a fast clip. Here is a list of our definite plans for the upcoming months:

I’m so excited. Let’s rock this party.