Anyone involved in B2B marketing, communication, and/or PR works with content on a daily basis. In these Insta-days, images are a must. They allow you to support your story, attract attention, and give a professional look to your content.

But time shortages and slightly rusty Photoshop and InDesign skills mean that what seemed like a simple image for Twitter & Co can cause a few grey hairs. Outsourcing everything is not an option either because that could swallow up your entire budget. And be honest: hiring a graphic designer to make an image for a tweet is not very time or cost efficient…

Enter wonder tool Canva: an online tool to help you develop quick and easy designs. What’s more, it’s 100% free-of-charge! Well, the free version at least. A taster:

Canva is ideal for quickly creating an image for your Facebook post, adding a logo to your image, adjusting your images to the correct (social media) format, etc. However, for more advanced tasks such as removing backgrounds, drawing 3D plans or making print-ready documents, you’re better off finding a graphic designer to help.

Some tips before you get started

Are you totally sold on the idea of Canva, and have already made an account before getting to the end of this blogpost? If so, keep these tips at the back of your mind:

1. No inspiration? Not needed! Use a “Canva layout” as the basis for your design. All you need to do is add your own text and images:

2. Copy your design so you use the same layout, but with different content:

3. Share an editable link with your colleagues so that they can also make changes easily:

4. Add your own images so that you retain your corporate/brand identity:

5. The corporate/brand identity also includes colours, so add your colour codes to the document:

Canva for Work

Although there is a lot you can do with Canva, you will also quickly realise that some functions are missing. For example, you cannot upload your own fonts or resize your designs, and you have to pay for premium images. To have full freedom in your design work, you can upgrade to “Canva for Work”. This allows you to:

  • Resize designs
  • Upload fonts
  • Design GIFs
  • Use premium images
  • The list goes on…

Price tag: 10.79 euros (12.95 dollars) per user per month.

Go to … and get started!

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