PR is a powerful tool to express or improve the image of your organization, to build or maintain goodwill or to navigate the public in a certain direction. PR actions focus on achieving organizational objectives by spreading information to the public. Gaining the right media exposure is crucial. But what about the results? Who is counting? And more important: what is the question? You need to know how to cope with the available information.


Integration is key…

As one of the Barcelona Principle states, it’s essential to measure the effect on organizational performance, rather than only measuring results. That’s obvious, because PR does not occur in a vacuum. It can affect many aspects in your business. Therefore, your management needs to know exactly what the public thinks about your organisation. But there’s more: you need integration. Don’t let one department handle all the information, but look at your PR results as a starting point for analysis and improvement throughout your organization: sales, marketing, the customer service, R&D, etc.


… and that is why AXA created a Newsroom

AXA Belgium, one of our customers at VCA, brought its communication professionals who work in sales, marketing, communication, HR and IT together in a common Newsroom. The goal is to discuss current events and the specific plans of each department. It creates a whole new dynamic between the different teams. “The greatest advantage of our Newsroom is that it brings together all the actors of communication around the same table”, says Vincent Joye, Newsroom Manager and Reputation Ambassador at AXA Belgium, “It’s mostly about internal and external communication, but everyone is welcome, because we also discuss marketing, distribution and human resources.”

AXA Belgium believes in a true transversal way of dealing with communication. As Vincent Joye puts it: “It enables 360-degree decision making, while it avoids the many alignment meetings that were previously necessary. But more important: it allows us to have a mandate to make decisions about communication. The Newsroom is the perfect approach to play an essential and vigorous communication role, to get a profound analysis of our reputation in a constantly changing world and to react quickly when current events require it.