This is us.

Outsource, that’s the combination of 14 clever heads. Clever, because we master our profession to perfection (our communication experts), because we know our customers so well that it sometimes gets uncomfortable (our consultants) or because we sublime those 2 qualities (our senior consultants). But above all, because we just like to deliver work that can make a difference. We are straightforward, simple and disturbed. We like simplicity and quality. We do what we say, and we say what we do.

We do not expect anything else from you.

Take a look at our job opportunities
Outsource communicatie expert Annelien

Communication Expert

If you spot Annelien walking past, you’ll be transported back to the 1950s. But when it comes to digital communication, she loves being bang up to date. Annelien also enjoys cracking into a layer of sugar on a crème brûlée, the smell of old books, and an expertly frothed cappuccino.
Astrid Znamensky

Communication Expert

Astrid loves new LinkedIn features, chai lattes and well-organised events. Be warned: invite her to your events at your own risk, as her main motivation for attending is to analyse the production!

Baptiste Gemis

Senior Consultant & Partner

Baptiste is a jack-of-all-trades who’s interested in pretty much everything. “La curiosité est un vilain défaut” is, in Baptiste’s eyes, the most nonsensical expression in his beloved French. Oh yeah, and we should add: what you see is what you get. Once you know that, you’ll like him more than you think.

Elise Verbraeken

Communication Assistant

Elise is an organisational legend: with her dozens of lists, she can keep a cool head and ensure everything is in order. She also has a passion for learning foreign languages. Has she only learned Italian so she can spend more time in il bel paese? We suspect as much – and who could blame her!

Gert Asselman

Senior Consultant & Partner

Gert has worked for us for more than fifteen years. He is our evangelist: passionate and always doing things with flair. The flip side is that he is relentless. Our golden rule for dealing with this? Just do what he says!

Ilse Criel

Content Marketeer

Ilse’s greatest passion is inspiring people with words. When she’s not writing, she’s reading – or going on long walks to think about content strategies. You can call Ilse a language junkie; she wouldn’t disagree!

John Kinnart

Communication Consultant

Despite disappearing for a couple of years before coming back, John has totted up more time at Outsource than most of his colleagues. In other words, he’s an old hand at PR. Nevertheless, he still pulls out all the stops for his clients!

Outsource Managing Director Katleen Peeters

Managing Director

Katleen takes on challenges with her charming smile. This is especially the case when she’s telling you that you’re completely wrong – which tends to happen every day!

Outsource Senior Consultant & partner Leen

Senior Consultant & Partner

Leen has a special talent for making complex things simple. That’s why she’s in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly. And if you struggle to understand the offside rule in football, Leen can no doubt explain this to you too!

Outsource Communication Assistant Marion

Communication Assistant

Juggling with words to find the perfect combination: a bizarre hobby for many people, but Marion loves it. And though French is her mother tongue, she can sing along to the Dutch-language hit ‘Laat de zon in je hart’ with gusto!

Martine Van Roy

F&A Officer

Given that Martine’s a financial whizz, it should come as no surprise that she’s charged with looking after our accounts. Her passion for figures and perfectionistic tendencies make her the perfect person for the role.

Siel Debouver

Communication Assistant

Siel relishes writing clear, concise social media posts, press releases or blogs. Inspiring interviews, faraway travels and writers who play with language make her happy. She is also your go-to person for interesting facts about the clarinet.

Stef Gyssels

Content Creator

Stef is only content when his clients are content – about his content, of course. But don’t despair, his copy doesn’t always have to contain wordplay! Outside of work, Stef enjoys a good book. He’s promised himself that, one day, he’ll write a good book himself. But for now he’s happy to keep creating content for others!



Stef can sometimes – or “always”, if you believe Gert – be a forceful character. He wants things to move forward, likes drawing up roadmaps and enjoys running translation agency (and sister company) Blue Lines. If he ever turns down a glass of Nebbiolo, you know something is up.