This is us.

Outsource, that’s the combination of 13 clever heads. Clever, because we master our profession to perfection (our communication experts), because we know our customers so well that it sometimes gets uncomfortable (our consultants) or because we sublime those 2 qualities (our senior consultants). But above all, because we just like to deliver work that can make a difference. We are straightforward, simple and disturbed. We like simplicity and quality. We do what we say, and we say what we do.

We do not expect anything else from you.

Take a look at our job opportunities

Astrid – Communication Expert

Her cheerfulness can be contagious and she’s always ready to offer a sympathetic ear. “Sharing is caring” is Astrid’s slogan.

Baptiste – Senior Consultant

Baptiste is a seasoned marketing & communication professional. What truly makes him happy? Inventive content strategies and great interactive campaigns, with measurable impact! And getting to work without traffic jams. That, too.

Daan – Accountant

Meet Daan: our financial backbone. Without him things would get pretty chaotic. We don’t want that, right? Oh, and with all the gadgets he has at hand, we’re convinced he’ll also respond when you call him Q.

Frederique – Graphic Designer

As the youngest of the team, she tries to stand her ground. Frederique attends the battle with a good portion of digital skills and excellent writing. But what she cares about the most is teamwork. Cute, isn’t it?

Gert – Senior Consultant & Partner

Gert has been with us for over 10 years. Committed to his job as an Outsource evangelist, you may sometimes find him a little pushy. Your best bet is to consent. Resistance is futile.

John – Communication Consultant

John has been working in PR & communications since 1999. Always willing to go the extra mile for his customers, John does everything with a charming smile.

Katleen – Managing Director

Katleen tackles challenging situations with a charming smile, in particular when she tells you you’ve got it all wrong. Don’t worry. It happens to us all the time.

Leen – Senior Consultant & Partner

Leen has a gift for making the complex simple. So, naturally she’s in charge of Operations (and explaining the offside rule in soccer whenever that Q pops up).

Martine – F&A Officer

Martine runs Accounting. She’s our financial mastermind. With a passion for numbers and an urge for perfection, she’s the perfect match for the job.

Sarah Menu

Sarah – Communication Expert

Sarah follows everything closely in the field of hardware and software, reads a lot in her spare time, has a weakness for ‘bitterballen’ and occasionally brings out her sharp pen to ventilate opinions (her own or other).
Siel Debouver

Siel – Communication Assistant

A social post, a press release or a blog, Siel likes to clarify matters with few words. She is the youngest member of the gang and gets her energy from conducting inspiring interviews, travelling to faraway places and reading articles by wordsmiths (or should I say ‘word artists’?). You can always contact her for an update on the latest news or for some interesting factoids about the clarinet.

Sylvia – HR Manager

A happy employee in a well-running organization is Sylvia’s main concern. Deploying and optimizing talents is what she strives for.