Outsource Communications

Steenweg op Brussel 213
1780 Wemmel, Belgium
P: +32 2 451 00 00
Email: hello(at)outsource.be
VAT: BE 0450 235 594

Let’s socialize!

  • Gert Asselman
    Managing Partner

    Gert has been with us for over 10 years. Committed to his job as an Outsource evangelist, you may sometimes find him a little pushy. Your best bet is to consent.

  • Leen Van Parys
    Senior Consultant & Partner

    Leen has a gift for making the complex simple. So, naturally she’s in charge of Operations (and explaining the offside rule in soccer whenever that Q pops up).

  • Didier Borremans
    Managing Director

    Didier has over 20 years of expertise in marketing and sales. He took Outsource on its maiden flight back in 1993. Easy-peasy for a private pilot, right?

  • Ilse Derijck

    Meet Ilse. If we’re all going the extra mile, she’s  in orbit. Nothing can stop her from getting you the exposure you need to give your company’s reputation a boost.

  • Katleen Peeters
    Senior Consultant & Partner

    Katleen tackles challenging situations with a charming smile, in particular when she tells you you’ve got it all wrong. Don’t worry. It happens to us all the time.

  • Jurgen Hollebecq
    Web Designer

    Jurgen is our web designer, specialising in WordPress and WooCommerce. He gets your e-commerce shop or event registration platform online in no time.

  • Amal Maataoui
    Junior Consultant

    Cosumed by wanderlust, Amal always looks for ways to push boundaries. She travelled from distant Limburg to join our team. If she kept her accent? We let you make the decision.

  • Dorien De Smedt
    Junior Consultant

    Dorien is eager to learn and pushes boundaries. You can describe her mindset as ‘down to earth’, with a ‘less is more’ attitude. As a true 90’s kid and digital native you can count on her digital advices.


  • Frederique Vanherck
    Junior Consultant

    As the youngest of the team, she tries to stand her ground. Frederique attends the battle with a good portion of digital skills and excellent writing. But what she cares about the most is teamwork. Cute, isn’t it?

  • Miek Hubert

    Miek is very resourceful and knowledgeable, to the extent that we’re convinced she has even more answers than Google’s search engine. Feeling lucky?

  • Larissa Gommers
    Junior Consultant

    Larissa is curious, thoughtful and eager to make a difference. She also makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. It’s a good thing we hired her, right?

  • Sam De Cock

    Sam asks the most difficult questions. Until he understands the whole picture. Exhausting! But afterwards, nothing stops him: with his keyboard at the ready, he writes one impactful text after another.

  • Carine Morin

    Born and raised in the French Ardennes, Carine is the perfect person to guide you through the French media landscape. And with her copywriting skills, she collects one success story after the other.

  • Tony Scheldewaert
    Media Analyst

    What’s trending in your domain? Who’s leading the conversation? What’s the media’s grip on your product or the competitor’s service? Tony knows.

  • Baptiste Gemis
    Senior Marketing Consultant

    Baptiste is a seasoned marketing & communication professional. What truly makes him happy? Inventive content strategies and great interactive campaigns, with measurable impact! And getting to work without traffic jams. That, too.

  • Daan Janssen

    Meet Daan: our financial backbone. Without him things would get pretty chaotic. We don’t want that, right? Oh, and with all the gadgets he has at hand, we’re convinced he’ll also respond when you call him Q.

  • John Kinnart
    Senior Consultant

    John knows what customers want and is always willing to go the extra mile. And although it doesn’t look that way in the picture, he does everything with a very charming smile.

  • Guy Spaey

    IFTTT, Buffer, Gamification and virtual reality. Like Chinese for you? Not for our geek guy. He has over 7 years experience in the digital transformation. Tip for a lunch: he’d rather eat thai.

  • Martine Van Roy
    Finance Director

    Martine runs Accounting. She’s our financial mastermind. With a passion for numbers and an urge for perfection, she’s the perfect match for the job.

  • Audrey Floru
    Media Analyst

    Audrey loves reading, especially between the lines. As a media analyst, she’s following up closely on everything the media publish on our customers.

  • Vanessa Gohy
    Senior Consultant

    This food addict says and does what she thinks, but especially looks for approaches that are good for more than just today. With her blog and social media collection she’s a real online présence. And, she’s pro in français.